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11 September 2008

What does the word "education" mean? PART 1

I've been contemplating the word "education." What does it mean to "educate," to get an "education," or to be "educated"? In theory, I think the general population sees an education as attaining a piece of paper that is a means to an end. Whether we're taking a high school diploma, a BA, BS, MA, MS, M ED, JD, or what have you, these are generally things that get us somewhere. My question is: upon attaining that piece of paper, were you educated?
It's amazing what that piece of paper will get you and what you really don't have to learn along the way. President Bush was a "C" student at Yale... Senator McCain admitted himself that he was 5th from the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy, that would make him 894 out of 899 and is computer illiterate. (You can watch him tell you himself here). I passed my classes with A's, but didn't actually have to do any work. My college books remained closed while I was in school, and yet I still wrote what I thought were not that great of papers and received comments like "what great insight" and "beautifully written." Was I any better of a student then the not so great leaders of our country? I'd say no. I graduated early from high school in search of a bigger challenge, but found that I wasn't anymore inspired to do more... to BE more.

I think about here is where I need to insert what others thought of my graduating early, and thus what education meant to them. "But what about Prom?" Yes, this was the first question that came out of nay-sayers mouths. My parents supported my decision to escape the ridiculousness that was plaguing my life, and instead of "but what about what she could learn" etc., we were met with "what about prom?" Herein lies what I hear most people say is important about going to school and what people often have against homeschooling..... the social atmosphere... we'll delve into this more in a later post.

Through going to school I learned some pretty bad behaviors and a skewed version of what education is. I am grateful that as an adult I have finally been able to learn what it is, and how it can be attained.

Education is a journey. It is NOT something that needs to be drudged through, information that needs to be memorized quickly and in excess for an exam only to be forgotten, or a painful experience that merely needs to be gotten through.

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Jenn said...

It's too bad you had so many negative experiences with education as a child/teen and college student.

Granted, I was glad to be done with high school, I still am grateful for the education I received in and out of the classroom at that time in my life.

My university experience was quite a different story. Not only did I find myself learning so many valuable concepts, I had so many life changing experiences for the good. I would definitely not be the same person I am today if I hadn't had some of the classes I did at BYU. I am forever grateful for my professors that helped me strengthen my testimony of the plan of salvation, especially my testimony of mind/spirit/body learning.

It just goes to show that learning or education is such a personal thing. What is right and wonderful for one individual may not be that way for the next person.

And I want to conclude this comment by saying thank you for your blog entries. Even though I don't necessarily agree with everything you say I appreciate the opportunity to reconfirm my own beliefs on the topics that you cover.