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12 September 2008

Disappointment is inevitable

Like I've said before, I don't get my hopes up when it comes to people vying for positions. Yet again, those with aspirations of political grandeur have inevitably shown their lack of ability to fill the position they're jockeying for.

That's right friends. My inkling of hope that Palin could make my decision in November easier has now been dashed, and I, once again, am faced with choosing "the lesser evil." Now you may find my criticism of her harsh, but that doesn't change the fact that she isn't in a place (knowledge-wise) to take over as VP.

After watching her first interview on the Today Show it's pretty clear that Palin lacks simple knowledge about this country, ie policies that are a pretty BIG DEAL. Most people probably don't know what the Bush Doctrine is, that's okay your schooling didn't provide you an interest in politics sufficient to make something this big and inclusive matter, I think a governer... especially one "that close to Russia" and who is out to be VP of the US, should probably know!

Her input would matter as VP, and I think that in order to change the future you need to have a clue as to what's happened in the past. "If you don't know your history you're doomed to repeat it." The world has been dealing with the Bush administration for 8 years now, and you can bet full well they know what the Bush doctrine is all about. I'd even bet that the lay citizen of other countries know more about Bush's actions then Palin. She literally looked like she was going to throw up when Charlie was asking her questions. I really feel sorry for her that she was given questions she didn't know the answers to because it made her look ridiculous. It was nice to have Newt Gingrich to defend her, but really, I think my kids would be able to figure out that she was stalling.

I feel sorry for her that she's being attacked in stupid ways. I mean really, to try and hang her out to dry because of her daughter, is dumb. They were really scrapping the bottom of the barrel with that one.

I do think it's a legitimate concern that as motivated and confident as she is, that she really is lacking political knowledge. I'm not writing her off for good, I'm leaving the possibility open that she'll start opening some books as she continues on the campaign trail with old what's his name (who found that campaigning without her was useless and thus NEEDS her in order to get ANYWHERE.... perhaps even turn on the computer?... see my education part 1 post).

I hope you'll weigh in your political thoughts here. I'd like to read what debates you're thinking about as you decide who the best candidate is for the next term. So, PLEASE COMMENT! It'll be fun for me, and probably fairly educational for others. Knowledge is power!



Jon said...

I wouldn't write off Palin just yet. The general consensus out there is that Gibson, not Palin, messed up on that question.

From the Washington Post:


A leader does not need to know the answer to everything. The primary requisite for leadership is judgment. And I trust Palin's judgment (certainly a lot more than anyone else that's running). And I've got to give credit to McCain for his homerun of a VP pick.

Deanna said...

Nathan and I were friends growing up. I found your blog through Shanell's. The first comment was from my husband so I felt like I should introduce ourselves.

Your family is beautiful. Say hi to Nathan.