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Our Father also gifted us with the nature to nurture, keen sensitivity to the Spirit, selflessness, discernment, and heroic faith. No wonder our Father placed us at the heart of the family and thus at the center of the plan of salvation. We are the Lord's secret weapon. ~ Sheri Dew

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08 September 2008

The good, the bad, the ugly, the really ugly, and the really really ugly

The Good: Guitar with dad
Nathan pulled out his guitar last night for the first time in a LONG time. Asher was on laying on the floor completely enamored by the sound, and the kiddies were sitting next to him with eyes peeled on dad. So cute! After a while he started playing church music and we got to sing along. Fun, fun!

Ugh, this one really gets me. Such a cute moment and I couldn't capture a single second of it! My camera was broken last month and I can't afford a new one. So, my option is to haul out the video camera, which by the time I get it out and going the moment is gone. Not to mention that the quality of the pictures it takes is horrible because they aren't focused, they're pixel-y, and lighting is a big issue. Go figure, I get a bunch of great pictures for my other kids at this age, but Asher's are few and far between, and horrible when I can get them. (If any of you reading this have a camera that you'd like to get rid of, or were looking for a good reason to buy a new one, I'd be more then happy to take it off of your hands!)

The Ugly: Kids not in bed
Normally bedtime is uneventful at our house. Last night was a MAJOR exception. For some reason we had about 10 instances of kids out of bed. This was extremely annoying because it was already pretty late, and we were trying to turn in early so we could get up and get things done today. Yah, no such luck there! The trip to the gym I was going to take got cancelled, and Nathan getting up at 6 to do homework and prepare for class was nixed. Why? Well let's just say things escalated....

The Really Ugly: Flour on the Floor
We were laying in bed reading, the house was dark except for a single light we leave on over the stove, when we heard little footsteps. These footsteps were then followed by some movement of our door knob, but no one came in. After a game of rock, paper, scissors (I won!), Nathan when to put the offender(s) back in bed. It took about a half of a second before I realized that something was wrong. Sure enough, I looked to the side of the door and found that there was quite a bit of flour on it... plus the flour bucket... and then as I got up and walked to my pantry, wouldn't you know it! MORE FLOUR. We ended up sweeping and vaccuming about 7 cups of flour (which didn't make me too happy since I'm almost out as it is). So, the kids had to help, and additionally we made them pick up the library and then head to bed. Problem solved right? Yah, right....

The really really ugly: Nyah in the laundry room
We finally were settled into bed, now almost 2 hours after initially trying to go to sleep. We were trying to lighten the mood by chatting, getting back into the scriptures that got disrupted before, and I started contemplating finger prints and got Nathan in on the analysis.... I know, strange, but fun, you should try it! Anyway, I thought I was just hearing the guys upstairs, but there was a little something in between that I could quite place. Yah, that's because it's not everyday that I hear a little girl in my laundry room. She had let Nigel out, probably ate his food, and was busy getting into dads bike parts (of which we have no clue how she got to), including his bike chain full of nice black grease. Thankfully this was the extent of this infraction seeing as how she was the mastermind behind a previous laundry room breech that entailed taking the cat liter and spreading in around the kitchen with Nigel's food bowl. I'm just glad she didn't have a chance to get into the laundry detergent.

So, what started out as a great night with everyone in bed by 9 (which would normally be 7 or 8 for the kids, but we let them stay up for the guitar festivity), ended up with Nathan and I finally asleep by 12:30. Oh, then Asher was up at 2.... 5.... 6. It's days like last night that make me think, 3 kids is great! I think we're done. I'm sure I'll change my mind soon, but for now, I think we're done!

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Michelle Jamison said...

That day sounds awful! I am sorry that I had to chuckle a little bit, only because it didn't happen to me and I can totally relate! Well, I feel HORRIBLE about the camera, that was MY daughter that contributed to your ugly day. I hadn;t heard anything more about it and saw the pics on your blog and assumed it was fixed. We don't have a lot of extra right now, but I REALLY want to make this right. Can you call or email me and we will see if we can work something out? I am so sorry!!