Women of God can never be like women of the world. The world has enough women who are tough; we need women who are tender. There are enough women who are coarse; we need women who are kind. There are enough women who are rude; we need women who are refined. We have enough women of fame and fortune; we need more women of faith. We have enough greed; we need more goodness. We have enough vanity; we need more virtue. We have enough popularity; we need more purity. ~ Margaret D. Nadald

Our Father also gifted us with the nature to nurture, keen sensitivity to the Spirit, selflessness, discernment, and heroic faith. No wonder our Father placed us at the heart of the family and thus at the center of the plan of salvation. We are the Lord's secret weapon. ~ Sheri Dew

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09 September 2008

Another new tradition I forgot about....

Just so you know I'm not the prude that I probably come off as.... We started to have "Monday Movie-night" a couple weeks ago. It's just as it sounds. After family home evening and getting ready for bed, I put all the kids blankets and pillows down and they get to have a little slumber party on Monday's. I figured that this would be fun and something that we could keep up until they were all grown. It might be just a movie, some treats, and sleeping on the floor, but it's something that we can do together. Granted Monday is a good night for homeschoolers since the phrase "school night" is relative and sleeping in the next morning isn't going to kill anyone. However, you can also find some creative alliteration by instituting "Saturday night sleepover" (Saturday might be nice so everyone is in one place for Sunday morning), "Friday night film." Who knows. It's fun for the kids though, they like something different once in a while and this they can plan on. So, a weekly time to cuddle up with the fam... maybe pull out the sleeping bags etc. is my suggestion!

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Tiffany -- the mommy said...

I love this idea we have Friday Movie Night at our house and Annbella loves that she gets to eat popcorn and watch a movie with us. Kids love this stuff.