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28 March 2011

A Challenge: Let's Help Each Other Learn About The States!

My friend "Crazy".... who you can find here.... gave me a wonderful idea! However, it's only going to work if you help me out! She suggested that I put out the challenge to you, my wonderful reader (who is hopefully a follower of my blog... yes, that was a cheap plug, I'm still waiting to hear from TOS!) to find and send in information on your state. So, your challenge, that I do hope you'll accept, is:

-Take a few minutes to find information on the state you live in!

Then either send me an email or leave a comment with the resources you've found (things we can get free like web addresses to printable activities, library books, or low cost items would be great!) and I'll compile them into a user friendly version and post them for everyone to use. With each state having designated things that are unique to them: flowers, birds, trees, animals... as well as differing histories, state flag designs and stories, famous people, roles in the founding of our nation, traditions, etc., there is alot of information that we can share! So, please! Take a few minutes and help us to learn about your state whatever that may be! Random information works too. A children's book that takes place in your state, interesting facts (Transformer's "Middle East" scenes were filmed at White Sands here in New Mexico, as was Contact etc., we also have HUGE hot air ballon festivals here, and every year in Santa Fe they build a huge mannequin, fill it with the bad things that happened during the year.... bad grades, divorce papers, eviction notices, and set it on fire... we're also the backdrop for stories about Billy the Kid and Kit Carson) are readily accepted and will be added to the list! Who knows what information will help peak a child's interest, so I'm open to anything that you can find that will enhance the learning experience of homeschoolers everywhere!

Also of interest is US Geography helps in general. I forgot to mention my favorite (okay, one of my favorite) History Channel series The StatesThe States DVD Set. (I bought these and The Presidents DVD when they were running a special last year. To get both sets was about $30.00, which is more than half the retail price. They have a deal for both going on right now, but I'm pretty sure it'll get better come future holiday's. Mine were most likely a gift to myself around Independence Day. The children really enjoy these, and my husband and I have learned a lot).

So, if you stumble along some kind of something that you think is a really great tool even if it doesn't have to do with just one state, that's fair game too. Also, should you find information on another state you're welcome to send it in! Depending on the participation that I receive from all of you, I will even create labels that will help you find the information easier here so that when you're ready to teach about the states the links are readily available.

So?!?! What do you think? I think now is a great time to research the great state of "fill in the blank," and send your finds my way! :-)

1 comment:

crazy4boys said...

Dibs on Texas. And I can also do Idaho, Utah, Georgia and Oregon if needed!

I'll have to check out those DVDs. I've never heard of them before.