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15 October 2008

I can't believe I'm saying this...

Despite my feelings about McCain's campaign thus far, I think he's finally got me. I absolutely HATE his nit-picky nature, really, he turns me off when he opens his mouth (I mentioned to Nathan that I wished the ideas coming from McCain came out of Obama's mouth) What can you do?
When it comes right down to it the typical party stances came out tonight... Obama-big government, McCain-smaller government. The amount of money that needs to be used to implement the programs that both candidates are talking about it ridiculous, however, Obama's idea of government is so huge it's suffocating. I'm a little more confident in McCain's plans because of Sarah Palin. She stated in the VP debate that she cut the government of Alaska, and we all KNOW that would be a good thing on the federal level. The idea of universal health care wouldn't fly under McCain/Palin, and that's good. I think everyone deserves health care, but neither candidate really has a plan that works. We'll see where that goes.
What really pushed me over was talk about schools. Obama's plan is scary! I agree that college is important, but I think that Obama puts too much focus on it. I know it's not unusual to hear me say how poor I think public schools are, but his plan will make them worse. I don't think throwing money at them is going to make them better, and least we forget WHERE THE MONEY COMES FROM. That would come from you and me, and that would make us less able to send our kids to college. I don't know, it's pretty silly. Additionally, it takes parents rights away yet again. Government should not have this big of a role in our lives. We need to make the choice to stand up for our lives and our kids. We should have the choice of which schools our children go to. There should be competition that breeds better schools, not diffuse it... that creates lack standards. What good is school if you aren't motivated to be there? What good is a college education that doesn't have to be worked for?

Anyway, like I said, when it comes right down to it these candidates are saying nothing different then what makes a republican a republican and a democrat a democrat. While I don't specifically align myself with anyone, I do hold strongly to the notion that government is not supposed to dictate to us what is to be done.


An interesting read for you would be "That which is seen and that which is not seen" by Frederic Bastiat. It's just a 40 page essay that you can find online or in book form with other essays. He talks about how some things look good at first glance, but gives you an idea of how things really are "things which are not seen." I have really enjoyed reading this essay because it gives me a broader perspective when I look at opportunities from within my home on out to the government. While we tend to think that eradicating certain positions (my mind thinks of all the bureaucracy nonsense we have in America), we think narrowly that we'd be putting these people out of jobs, so what then? He gives perspective on issues like this that are worth more then gold. He has a funny thought for you at the beginning of the piece that says something to the effect of "if it looks good, in the long run it probably isn't, and if it looks bad, in the long run it'll probably be good." Obviously he knows that this isn't always the case since he uses the word "probably," but it does give you something to think about.

Happy electing! Nov. 4th is just around the corner. I guess I'll be sending my ballot back in the next couple days. I'm not particularly thrilled about either candidate, but I can agree with "the Federalist" side of McCain. States need to decide for themselves. I also see some Libertarian tendencies in him... and that's okay with me too. Bob Barr would really have been my first choice, but now that I'm on a mission for anybody but Obama, you can tell where my vote goes.

McCain/Palin 2008. Let's elect them and then make sure we PRAY A LOT that they make the right decisions for our country.

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The Mason's said...

So, What do you think about the military side of things, since you live that life? Do you think either candidate would be better than the other? There are some "BIG TICKET" things that I want to hear about taking better care of the military (financially) that would make me vote one way or the other.. Have you heard anything?