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07 April 2011

Government Shut Down

Lately I've been consumed with following the government shutdown issue as best as I can. I have friends that are glued to CNN and FOX, but since that's not an option for me, I have read many articles and repost them on Facebook to try and educate others as to what's happening.

The best information that I've come down to thus far has been what to do in the likely event that things will shut down, and that you can find via the National Military Family Association: http://www.militaryfamily.org/feature-articles/government-shutdown-what.html.

I think what bothers me most about this whole issue (yep, there's something that bugs me more than that the obvious of my husband not getting paid and us not being able to meet our bills), is what is holding up funding and threatening to shut down our government... which honestly is incredibly irritating since not running the government means they aren't making any money either so it's kind of counterintuitive to cutting the budget, no?

ANYWAY!! The real issue I'm having right now, is that something like ABORTION is one of the main issues holding all of this up. Really? Really?? Can someone actually say that we're going to shut everything down so that people can have tax payers dollars to kill children?? Yep, I'm just going for it in this post. If you don't agree with me, then there's an "x" or red button in the corner of your screen. I SAW THE HEARTBEAT OF MY 6 WEEK OLD FETUS ON MONDAY... THE HEARTBEAT. When does life begin?? I'd say a heartbeat is pretty convincing. With us "viable people" the end of life comes when the heart is no longer beating, how can we not say that a heartbeat marks the beginning of life?? I'm so confused on that reasoning!!

We've called our representatives to tell them to cut funding to Planned Parenthood, and they've heard us and they've fought tooth and nail to cut this funding. Now, people are calling their representatives and telling them that we have to solve this budget issue and make sure the military gets paid (this doesn't even include all the contractors that won't actually get back pay like we would if they're not essential personnel). My biggest concern at the moment is that the representatives that have fought so hard for the right to life are now in a rough position as their getting villinized for holding up the bill based on ideology. INCREDIBLE. Seriously, do you know how abortions are performed? I'd check into that before you fight me about a woman's right. Not okay! Deliver the child early and give it a shot and if it dies then so be it, but don't just kill it, especially by the horrific ways that are out there. If you even talked about doing that to someone that was "alive" you'd be locked in a dark cell far from humanity.

This is a hard one for me. Yes, I'd love to not worry about what will happen to my family financially come next next week and beyond, but at what cost? Is it worth giving tax payer money to murder defenseless babies in order that we can go along being comfortable? I would really hate to see a compromise on this one. While I don't agree with abortion on any level I SAW THE HEARTBEAT OF MY CHILD WHO'S ONLY 6 WEEKS ALONG, I'm not asking that there be a law against it, I'm asking that we don't funnel millions of dollars into it!!!!!

Better yet, if we could have two separate bills: that funds government organizations (like the military) and another that funds government programs (medicare, medicaid, welfare etc), I'd be a happy momma!

Thanks for letting me vent :-). Please pray for our government and those in control of things that will effect everyone. Also, take note of how your representatives are handling things right now. Have they showed any stand up behaviors that make you proud they're representing you, or are the part of those that say "the won't sleep until there's a resolution" and happily take breaks and continue to take their own pay throughout a shutdown.

P.S. Obama.... you didn't get my vote in 2008 and not only will you not get it in 2012, but I will do everything in my power to campaign against you if you so much as hint that you will take a shot at the presidency again!


Courtney Wilson said...

I wonder what percentage of pro-abortion people actually KNOW how they are done. I'm guessing it's a really small number.

I'm pretty sure if it were widely known, then there wouldn't be nearly the debate that there is now.

I actually sent money to a candidate for the first time yesterday. No it wasn't Shmobama. But even though things are tight and we might not get paid, I felt it was important for forgo $20 of my food budget to support someone that I think would be a great president. Like you said. Anything I can do to campaign against him.

crazy4boys said...

I agree. There needs to be two separate issues here - pay the troops and then do something about the budget including abortions. How can you, in good conscience, tell some kid in a foreign country - not only are we not going to pay you but you still need to do your job by fighting this war and hopefully not get killed?

Even some of the original Roe v. Wade people changed their minds and are now anti-abortion.

Courtney Wilson said...

Including "Roe" of Roe v Wade.

Heather B said...