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22 January 2011

Family Friday: Stand for the Family, Chapter 2, Part 1

Stand for the Family Review, Chapter 2: Deceptive Tactics

I really don't think that this chapter could have been titled any better than this. I think what was most surprising to me, and thus caught my attention the most, were the issues that were being discussed at the United Nations in the first place. As far as I knew, the documents that came out of the UN were really important... like things that help poor nations get food, antibiotics, and keep genocide from happening. Boy was I wrong! Are you ready for this??

We're now 8 years after the instances I last wrote about, and Sharon Slater is now Family Watch International President. The document being discussed is on HIV/AIDS and refers to a document called the "International Guidelines on HIV/AIDS and Human Rights." Sounds innocent enough right? I would agree with you and so would (and did) most of the delegates at this negotiation because they were not aware that the HIV/AIDS guideline that was being referred to "called for members states to:
-Legalize abortion;
-Legalize same-sex marriage;
-Punish people who criticize same-sex relations;
-Repeal laws against adultery, fornication, oral sex and sodomy;
-Enact laws to protect homosexual behavior; and
-Provide children with explicit sex education."

Did you catch those? Studies have proved over and over again that it's risky sexual behavior that spreads HIV/AIDS, and now we're going to pass laws that not only make these behaviors acceptable but actually encourage them?? This is all a mistake right? Sadly, no. There's something that you have to take note of, any language that can be approved in the UN can be used ANYWHERE. Thus, if I can slide words into a document that may not even have anything to do with what is written there but no one objects for whatever reason, I have now set a precedent for legislators, judges, and NGO's all over the world.

Is this a big deal? Yah, I'd say so!! It's such a big deal that people will use pressure, as we talked about before, and even bold face lies. Case in point, pro-family groups were trying hard to combat the inclusion of the references to the HIV/AIDS guidelines in this document and were searching for more support. After a call to affiliates in Uganda, who contacted their Minister of Ethics and Integrity, who then contact their UN delegate, who then talked to the woman chairing the negotiations of this document and was told that the offending reference was to be removed. Too easy? Yes, that was too easy. The chairwoman was later approached by Sharon, who asked about the phrases removal, only to be met with a smile and the words "Maybe next year." I don't know what the chairwoman told the delegate from Uganda, but apparently it wasn't the truth.

Are you ready to learn a few more things that a few passionate people are trying to push through in order to "help" you? The theme of "The equal sharing of responsibilities between women and men, including care giving in the context of HIV/AIDS." Your husbands will especially love this one.... I can't help but use Sharon's words here from page 16, "The negotiations, as ludicrous as it sounds, included a long discussion on how to ensure that fathers who take family leave do not use it to, for example, "play golf." So, your hubby wants to go play golf (or insert another favorite past time of his here), and because he's leaving the family to go and enjoy a hobby on his own... he can't... it's not legal. Are you flip-flopping through laughing out loud and being utterly frightened at the same time??

Moving on, I learned that the phrase "sexual and reproductive rights" is actually a nice, all encompassing way of saying "abortion, promiscuity, homosexuality and transgenderism." Oh, and by the way, did you know that all of these things are a solution to the AIDS pandemic and maternal mortality? True story, Norway's State Secretary to the Minister of International Development went as far as to say that having an abortion is safer than giving birth to a child (which isn't true and the proof for that is coming, be patient).

The most frustrating part of this chapter was in the US under the Obama administration to fund an office to promote women's rights with an initial amount of $500,000,000... I'm sorry, the last I looked our country was in MAJOR debt so creating this office and funding it in that way is just ridiculous, and also, I happen to be a woman, and the "rights" that will be fought for by such an office do anything but help women!


Courtney Wilson said...

Washington State women's center also says that abortion is safer. According to them it's 10 times safer.

I guess no one told them about the physical, mental and emotional damage that happens to a woman when she has an abortion.

Heather B said...

WOW. Just wow. SO glad we have that book now, anxious to start reading it.